About Us

Rodalen was created to develop and market concepts and products that focus on the consumer experience. More importantly, the personal experience and connection with those products. Rodalen brands consist of products that become part of the consumer’s life.

People relate to each other and products through stories and experiences. We have found that when something has a relatable story and an experience that touches the senses, the product will have meaning and result in stringer product bonds and memories. The more human senses our products touch and connect with; the higher the level of brand association. A great product experience results in joy, increased happiness, and much higher levels of repeat. All of our products begin with a story.

Rodalen is focused on creating strong relationships between our products and the people who use them.

Our mission is to bring products to life that are never ordinary but are always extraordinary!

Rodalen’s Core Values:
• We foster connection and an experience in everything we do
• We never compromise on quality
• We are classy and sophisticated
• We are caring and compassionate
• We deliver on promises
• We stay young in mind and body and add play to each day
• We are rebellious, irreverent, and daring
• We challenge the status quo